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SWF TravelMaster

TravelMaster Frequency inverter controlling Acurate operation under load Low-sway action with speed adjustable to any value in the range Protective working Soft starting and stopping stress on the gearing and wheels, thus reducing wear on [...]

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SWF Tandem Operation

Tandem operation For hoists and cranes Simultaneous operation with two or more hoists: This system is used where loads have to be transported with more than one lifting-gear unit at the same time and delivered [...]

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SWF Sway Control

Sway Control Electronic load-sway protection The electronic Sway Control load-sway protection feature prevents harmful load peaks and therefore reduces the stress exerted on both electrical and mechanical components. This cuts the time and money spent [...]

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SWF RadioMaster

RadioMaster Radio remote control Room for manoeuvre No awkward control cable, flexibility in terms of the location of the crane operator, which ensures the crane is safely controlled Robust engineering Sturdy enclosure and controls units, [...]

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SWF ProfileMaster

ProfileMaster For loads up to 2,000 kg Flexible arrangement possibilities Wide range of profiles, switches, curves, turntables and much more, larger spans possible Short assembly times Pre-designed, pre-assembled and pre-wired components, optimised suspension and connection [...]

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SWF NovaMaster

NovaMaster Electronic hoist condition monitoring system Safe working Hoist gear monitoring, permanent SWP calculation, continuous overload protection Protective working Smooth lifting and stopping of the load Short downtimes Quick reading of all crane-related data on [...]

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LIGHTster For loads up to 2,000 kg Low own-weight Can also used in building structures capable of bearing only low static loads; ergonomic, time-saving assembly, low number of freely positionable securing points High quality Non-corrosive [...]

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SWF Ex Range

Ex Range Explosion proof crane components for loads up to 80 Tonne Explosion Protection: For their explosion proof hoists and crane components, SWF exclusively use high quality components that comply with the applicable directives. The [...]

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CRABster Winch Winch for loads up to 250 Tonne Precise and safe operation Hoist condition monitoring system NovaMaster as overload protection with strain gauge load measuring, hoisting frequency inverter with closed loop, hoisting motor with [...]

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CHAINster Electric chain hoists for loads up to 5,000kg Optimal space utilisation Compact dimensions and best hook approach, space saving trolleys High safety in operation Emergency Stop button, 48 V Contactor control, drop stops, robust [...]

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BLACKLINE RANGE Sometimes performance only comes up if you are focused on the basics. This is exactly the idea which is behind the BACKLINE by SWF Krantechnik. The BLACKLINE by SWF Krantechnik sets its priorities [...]

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SWF NOVA Electric Wire Rope

NOVA Electric wire rope hoists for loads of up to 80 Tonne Optimum utiliastion of space Compact installation dimensions and optimum approach dimensions, minimum hook dimensions Precise and safe work Minimum lateral hook movements and [...]

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Street ZX 10 Tonne 22 Metre Used Crane

Make: Street Model: ZX Hoist Type: Wire Rope SWL: 10 Tonne Span: 22 Metres Height of Lift: 6 Metres Year: 2011 Speeds: Dual Speed Used Cranes

Abus 2 x 12.5 Tonne 30 Metre Crane

Make: Abus Model: ZLX Hoist Type: Wire Rope SWL: 2 x 12.5 Tonne Span: 30 Metres Height of Lift: 8 Metres Year: 2012 Speeds: Dual Speed all motions Additional Info: Full Outdoor Specification. Gantry Steel [...]

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