Sometimes performance only comes up if you are focused on the basics. This is exactly the idea which is behind the BACKLINE by SWF Krantechnik.

The BLACKLINE by SWF Krantechnik sets its priorities on high quality and attractive cost effectiveness. Reliable power and an elaborate technology make the BLACKLINE unique for all who want to avoid bigger investments in a high-quality crane.

A vast number of established and top-rated components arisen from SWF Krantechnik’s own engineering design with outstanding technologies are assigned for power and a long life. All their components and products meet the European safety standards. Furthermore, you can trust the experience and know-how of a worldwide operating company in a German tradition.


The NOVA BLACKLINE is constructed for the economic lifting of charges. It is safe, reliable and based on a proven technological design. It combines a strong hoist with an attractive price.

High quality, long life and performance are the NOVA BLACKLINE’s genetic basis. It covers a wide spectrum of load handling with an ultimate load of 12.5 Tonne. The NOVA BLACKLINE is an uncompromising and robust powerhouse, reduced to the essentials.


The NOVA BLACKLINE meets the high demands of a SWF hoist in safety, quality and reliability, providing a robust and hardwearing technology for an attractive price. It’s fine electric wire rope hoist also meets the high European safety standards.

  • Ultimate load from 2 to 12.5 Tonne and a lifting height up to 12 metres
  • Optimal space and land ulitisation due to compact headroom and optimum hook dimension
  • Minimised attrition of rope by a big drum diameter
  • Robust contactor control for hoist motor and trolley motor
  • Mechanical overload protection protects crane and building structure
  • Plug & play – quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • Overheat protection at hoist motor prevents damage

TeleRadio radio remote control

The radio remote control TeleRadio offers the possibility to drive loads from a safe distance. The safety of the crane operator ranks first. You get the BLACKLINE with two transmitters, which belong to the standard equipment. Thereby the BLACKLINE is perfectly forearmed for a reliable and permanent control of loads.

The European manufactured steering is enabled by a set of standard batteries with a functional duration up to 100 hours. Optionally, you can also get rechargeable batteries and a corresponding battery charger.

The receiver can be easily be fixed at the crane control panel by powerful magnets. In addition to that, pluggable electric connections provide a quick and reliable operation.

  • Driving loads from a distance raises the safety of the crane operator
  • Serial equipment with two transmitters and a receiver
  • With eight 2-step push-buttons and sixteen selectable channels
  • Standard batteries (3×1.5 V AAA / LR03) with a functional duration of up to 100 hours (optional rechargeable batteries)
  • Up to 300 metres in free space
  • Easy assembly of the receiver at the crane control panel (magnetic)