For loads up to 2,000 kg

  • Low own-weight

Can also used in building structures capable of bearing only low static loads; ergonomic, time-saving assembly, low number of freely positionable securing points

  • High quality

Non-corrosive material, diminished operating noises thanks to state of the art nylon wheels, prolonged service life with low maintenance costs

  • Precise application

Low-vibration load movement; exact flow of materials; simple, ergonomic handling even without motorisation

Advantage: High-performance handling system with a high load-bearing capacity and low running costs

The simple solution for complex systems.

With four different profiles, LIGHTster offers solutions for a variety of applications covering almost all requirements. LIGHTster enables the implementation of single girder and double girder solutions with both normal and with short headroom.

The systems can be operated both manually or by using electric drives. The narrow nylon wheels glide along the galvanised runner carriage easily and with minimum noise during operation.

LIGHTster makes the solution simple:

  • Easy installation thanks to a simple connection system with a low own-weight which is capable of bearing high loads
  • Flexible and individually adjustable lightweight crane systems
  • Gentle lifting and positioning of loads, manually or with variable electric speed control
  • Wide range of profiles available
  • Wide range of power supply modes available
  • A wide range of spans can be realised
  • Compact solutions available for various headrooms
  • Customised equipment available to suit your needs
  • Highest quality standard and minimum production tolerances
  • Low noise level
  • Various installation options with numerous suspension types
  • Easy to modify and/or extend
  • Prolonged service life combined with low maintenance costs
  • Available at a competitive price topped with low running costs
  • Available at a competitive price topped with low running costs