The company supplies and installs both new and reusable steel gantry structures for overhead travelling gantry cranes. They can be both free-standing or supported from a portal frame or similar structure. The company would also take on the work of manufacturing and installing any associated portal frame or steel structure.

Gantry Cranes for Supporting Steel Structures

Crane gantries OR gantry steelworks can be designed and manufactured for use within a building or to stand alone in an external yard area. We can also design and manufacture gantry access ladders and maintenance platforms and walkways. As part of the service, our designs team can provide all relevant crane loading details or gantry base plates loading details.

Crane Gantries

Gantry cranes are among the most widely used industrial crane varieties.

They are very similar in nature to bridge cranes; the only substantial difference between the two configurations is gantry cranes’ mobility compared to bridge cranes.

Both gantry and bridge cranes feature a beam that is positioned above the ground, parallel to the ground. Mounted on the beam is a mechanical hoist or winch that can move back and forth across the length of the beam. The winch lowers and retracts a hook or other lifting tool that can be attached to equipment below. At both ends of the beam is a support system.

gantry cranes

Gantry cranes support system involves several beams that reach down to the ground.

The beams can be mounted on wheels or casters if the crane is mobile, and they leave the entire space beneath the parallel beam free for storage and for other uses.

Supporting Gantry Steelworks

Movement of Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes can be large enough for the movement of shipping crates across storage yards, and they can be small enough to suit small-scale, indoor industrial processes. Depending on the needs of a given operation, gantry cranes can be designed to feature largely, industrial-strength rubber wheels, or they can feature light-duty casters.

Such details depend on the frequency with which the crane will be used, the operating conditions in which it will be used and the weight of the materials that it will lift. Like bridge cranes, gantry cranes can be designed to feature two load-bearing beams. The hoist or winch can be mounted between these beams, which allows the winch to be positioned farther from the ground at its maximum height.

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