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SWF Krantechnik Hoists, Crane Components & Spare Parts

Technical Cranes are proud to be SWF Krantechnik UK partners, a leading global player in crane and hoisting equipment.
No one can match what they offer!

SWF has one of the most comprehensive product portfolios available of high quality electric chain hoists, wire rope hoistsTheir hoists and components perform better, offer many advantages and can do more than the average products on the market. This means that installations are built to perform better and systems work and last longer.

By using components with a proven quality record, you minimise the number of breakdowns, as well as the costs for wear, tear, service and maintenance.

SWF was founded in 1921 in Germany and has since then been known to deliver high quality products. Today, products from SWF are used in areas where top performance and top quality are demanded. Performance and quality that today’s companies need in order to be successful and dependable.

Technical Cranes offers SWF Krantechnik’s complete range of electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, complete crane kits and manual lifting equipment and also provide UK based after sales support, the supply of spare parts, hoist repairs and servicing.

SWF Chain Hoists Brochure

The SWF Product Range

SWF TravelMaster

TravelMaster Frequency inverter controlling Acurate operation under load Low-sway action with speed adjustable to any [...]

SWF Tandem Operation

Tandem operation For hoists and cranes Simultaneous operation with two or more hoists: This system [...]

SWF Sway Control

Sway Control Electronic load-sway protection The electronic Sway Control load-sway protection feature prevents harmful load [...]

SWF RadioMaster

RadioMaster Radio remote control Room for manoeuvre No awkward control cable, flexibility in terms of [...]

SWF ProfileMaster

ProfileMaster For loads up to 2,000 kg Flexible arrangement possibilities Wide range of profiles, switches, [...]

SWF NovaMaster

NovaMaster Electronic hoist condition monitoring system Safe working Hoist gear monitoring, permanent SWP calculation, continuous [...]


LIGHTster For loads up to 2,000 kg Low own-weight Can also used in building structures [...]

SWF Ex Range

Ex Range Explosion proof crane components for loads up to 80 Tonne Explosion Protection: For [...]


CRABster Winch Winch for loads up to 250 Tonne Precise and safe operation Hoist condition [...]


CHAINster Electric chain hoists for loads up to 5,000kg Optimal space utilisation Compact dimensions and [...]


BLACKLINE RANGE Sometimes performance only comes up if you are focused on the basics. This [...]

SWF NOVA Electric Wire Rope

NOVA Electric wire rope hoists for loads of up to 80 Tonne Optimum utiliastion of [...]