We are pleased to announce the release of heavy-duty cranes with the new Crabster winch hoist for loads up to 160-tonne SWL and up to M6 Duty. Higher capacities and Duty ratings are available on request. We can offer the Crabster winch on crane bridges in excess of 40-metre spans. Advantages of this hoist include True vertical lift and ambient temperatures from -20oC up to +40oC

Standard Heavy Duty Cranes Equipment:

•    Robust rope guides made of cast iron
•    Central lubrication
•    4-step gear limit switch
•    Additional safeguard by hook operated ultimate hoisting limit switch
•    Hoist condition monitoring system NovaMaster
•    2-step trolley limit switch
•    Frequency inverter for travelling machinery
•    Hoisting inverter with closed-loop technology, hoisting motor with encoder
•    Hoisting and travel motors with disc brakes
•    Thermal protection for hoisting and travel motors
•    High duty time for both frame sizes
•    “Ready to use” bridge panels
•    PLIOTEX type wire marking
•    Bridge panels with an inner light, 230V plug outside
•    Horn 108db
•    IP55 protection
•    Epoxy paint, 120um

Optional Extras:
•    Radio remote control
•    Maintenance platform
•    ESR Overspeed for faster lifting speeds with lower loads
•    Second hoisting brake
•    Ramshorn hook
•    Rope pressure roller
•    Guide rollers for trolley frame
•    Standby heating for bridge panels and motors
•    Air-condition for bridge panels
•    Stainless steel bridge panel
•    Rain protection cover
•    Crane light
•    Horn, 120db
•    Derailment catches and storm lock for hoist and crane


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Heavy Duty Crane

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