Used Cranes

We have used cranes for sale which includes all leading manufacturers from Demag, Kone, Street, Abus, SWF, Verlinde and Stahl cranes.

We also hold used stock of older brands including Matterson, Clayton, John Smith and Electralift cranes. These are often requested due to their robust designs and proven reliability.

Technical Cranes can also supply hoists and spare parts for these makes of cranes to keep your existing cranes in operation.

Used Cranes for sale – Good as new!

We provide used cranes for sale that look and perform virtually as good as new. Our skilled teams ensure that all our used stock are structurally sound and that all lifting gear and equipment is fully checked and serviced.

Our design and manufacturing capability also means we can tailor most used cranes for more specific needs and buildings if required.

Result – you get a high quality crane with great savings over a new crane. You also get the reassurance that all of our cranes come with a warranty. And we also specialise in providing long term and short term contracts and all our products.

Working with you

Our experienced staff work with you from day one to ensure that you get the right solution for your needs. After carefully identifying your requirements we can supply and install from our new or used overhead cranes or gantry cranes; or we can customise a used crane for your needs with our on-site capabilities.

If there is something specific you are looking for please email or call as a lot of used cranes are not displayed on our pages.

Used Cranes
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Morris 50 Tonne 10 Tonne Aux 19 Metre Crane

Make: Morris SWL: 50 Tonne / 10 Tonne Aux Span: 19 Metres Height of Lift: 10 Metres Hoist Type: Heavy [...]

Street 6.3 Tonne 12 Metres Crane

Make: Street SWL: 6.3 Tonne Hoist: ZX Wire Rope Span: 12 Metres Height of Lift: 6 Metres Speeds: Dual [...]

Abus 3.2 Tonne 16 Metre Crane

Make: Abus SWL: 3.2 Tonne Span: 16 Metres Height of Lift: 6 Metres Duty Rating: m5 Speeds: Dual Speeds all motions

Abus 10 Tonne 16 Metre Crane

Make: Abus SWL: 10 Tonne Span: 16 Metres Height of Lift: 6 Metres Speeds: Dual Speed all motions Duty Rating: m5

Technical Cranes 1 Tonne 16 Metre Crane

Make: Technical Cranes SWL: 1 Tonne Span: 16 metres Hoist Type: Electric Chain Hoist Height of Lift: 6 Metres [...]